Greek and Macedonian timeline

400 BC

399 BC

398 BC

396 BC

  • Greek (Spartan) assault on Persia.

395 BC

394 BC

  • Corinthian War begins. It will end eight years later with a Spartan victory and the subjugation of Asian Greek cities to Persia.
  • Agesilaus and his army in Asia are recalled in order to attack Sparta’s enemies. They will march overland to the Hellespont.
  • Sparta and allies win a battle at the River Nemea.
  • (August 14) Spartans (Agesilaus commanding) win a major battle at Coronea against Beotians, Athenians and allies. Agesilaus wounded.

392 BC

  • Sparta takes and garrisons Sidus and Crommyon (North Corinthia).

390 BC

  • Sparta (Agesilaus) takes Northwest Corinthia and garrison Oenoe.

386 BC

384 BC

382 BC

376 BC

374 BC

373 BC

  • The Greek city of Helike is hit by an earthquake and sinks underwater.

367 BC

360 BC

358 BC

  • Birth of Seleucus I Nicator, first ruler of the Seleucid empire, one of Alexander’s Dialochi.

356 BC

350 BC

350 BC

  • Mausolus orders the reconstruction of Priene (Priēnē) in Ionia as a deep-water port. Work will be completed under Alexander the Great.
  • Cyprus revolts against Persia.

349 BC

347 BC

344 BC

  • Persia restores order in Cyprus.

336 BC

330 BC

323 BC

  • Death of Alexander III of Macedon (the Great – Mégas Aléxandros), on June 11, in Babylon.
  • Temple of Athena at Priene opened. It is dedicated to Alexander the Great.
  • Athens, the Locrians, Phocians, Dorians, Thessalians and Aetolians revolt against Macedon. They are led by Leosthenes, who dies the same year at the siege of Lamia.

322 BC

321 BC

318 BC

  • Death of Athenian Phocion (the Good), by judicial suicide.

Subject to frequent updates as the work progresses.

This timeline owes a large debt to the web site for most entries after 322 B.C. Wikipedia has been invaluable, as always.


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